Cathy Munoz for House

Dear Neighbor,

Cathy Munoz

Serving the people of Juneau and Southeast Alaska is an honor. I enjoy the day to day challenge of going to bat for my constituents on a wide range of issues. I also enjoy working with others to create educational and economic opportunity for our citizens. Preparing our young people for local jobs in mining, health care or the construction trades is one of my top priorities. I also focus on strengthening Alaska's capital city through investments in the State Capitol, surrounding infrastructure and transportation system.

Many predicted that 2016 would be the most challenging legislative year since Statehood. As a member of the finance committee, I worked hard to reduce costs while ensuring that coastal Alaska did not take disproportionate hits in state employment. I also worked with constituents on the passage of several pieces of legislation including a $120 million bonding proposal for new hydroelectric development.

I am committed to solving Alaska's budget issues.

As Southeast Alaska's only member of the Finance Committee, I worked hard to:

  • Reduce Spending
  • Strengthen Alaska's capital city
  • Complete State Capitol renovations
  • Support Economic Development
  • Complete State Library, Archives and Museum
  • Protect Public Employee Wage and Retirement Benefits
  • Complete two Lynn Canal ferries
  • Protect Juneau Access funding
  • Reform Medicaid and the Criminal Justice System
  • Support Auke Bay Projects

Like you, I care deeply for this great place we call home. I appreciate your support, and encourage you to contact me if you have questions, or ideas on moving our state forward.

Cathy Muñoz